Anonymous said: Hey what's the tattoo and your hand by your thumb stand for?

It’s my ex boyfriend’s name, in Japanese… Lol.

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Anonymous said: 78 ;)

78. What’s your dirtiest secret?

Uh… Idk. Honestly. I guess it’d have to be that I like swallowing. Lol..? ONLY WITH MY BOYFRIEND… WHO I’VE BEEN WORH FOR 4+ YEARS. But yeah, love it :).

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Anonymous said: 65. 66.

65. What is your favorite foreplay routine?

It usually starts out with some wrestling around, some making out. Nothing really routine about it, but it usually begins with either one of those.

66. What is your favorite roleplay?

I’m not really into roleplay. Lol.

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Anonymous said: If you don't go by Alex, then why isn't your URL dropalexanderdead!

I’m talking about in person. At work. When meeting people, when the barista asks what my name is. URL aside, I NEVER introduce myself as Alex. Or tell people it’s ok to call me Alex. People either

A. Assume I go by Alex.


B. Are too lazy to say Alexander.

Plus I made dropalexdead back in 2006 for my AIM account cause, believe it or not, dropalexanderdead was TAKEN.

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Anonymous said: Ever thought about what you will name your kids? If so, what name(s) did you come up with?

Of course! Even though I don’t like kids, lmao.

Boys: Julian, Alexander (duh), Apollo, Giorgio, Donovan, Caspian, Sebastian… Idk, I just love all of those names the most.

Girl: Rosalind, Eve, Wynter, Wednesday (duh), Madeline, Evelyn, Aerith.

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Anonymous said: Can I do your nails?

Of course :).

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Anonymous said: You seem like you'd be good at cuddling...

I’m an (almost) expert level cuddler. :)

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True/False. I don’t really bottom, but I have and I’ve enjoyed it… But I’d rather top.

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Anonymous said: fuck you


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Anonymous said: 🚹@<3

Why do people have a crush on me? I’m not like-able. Lol.

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Anonymous said: I got nominated for the ice bucket challenge and was wondering if you already done it so I can nominate you on Instagram 😈


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Anonymous said: Could you please post some half nude pictures

Give me three reasons as to why I should. And if they’re valid, I’ll do it.

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Anonymous said: 1- you're cute 2-you're so hot 3-your bf wont mid

I’m curious to know how you know if he wouldn’t mind. Lol.

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Anonymous said: i asked him

Ooh really? And what did he say exactly?

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Anonymous said: Thigh or ass man? Like em big? ;)

Both. I’m greedy as FUCK. Thick thighs save lives. And I’m for sure an ass man. Lol.

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