Anonymous said: $80 i way too much. i still debate between the target brand or the neutragena label face washes.

Yeah, $80 is a bit crazy… But hey, whatever it takes!

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Anonymous said: I dig your cute face

And I dig your cute gray face.

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Anonymous said: $50

Holllllllaaaaaaa $$$$$$$.

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Anonymous said: Your nails are pretty fly

This is actually very pleasing to hear, thank you!

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Anonymous said: omg i was gonna say that your nails are coool. i like how you paint then not only black but gltter and stuff lol

Well I actually only started doing that recently. Cause tbh, black will always be my fave nail color, it’s fucking timeless and can’t go wrong. But some color is always fun!… As long as it’s on my nails. Cause I ain’t fuckin’ with no colored clothes. Lol.

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Anonymous said: omg dont do pastel on your hair its gona fall off

Why am I just seeing this ask… Sorry, lol. And I want to REAL FUCKING BAD. Like some nice blue would look sick.

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Anonymous said: I have super thick black hair and I bleached/dyed it pastel and it was so thin after i did it ๐Ÿ˜ž i wanted to cry but then again i had pastel hair ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’

I see what you mean. My hair would probably die. I’ve never bleached or colored (I’m an au natural kind if gal myself) but it’s fun to dream!

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Anonymous said: 19

19. Have you had sex today?

Sadly, no. Not even with my hand :(.

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Anonymous said: What do you do to keep your skin so flawless ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

My skin is FAR from perfect unfortunately :(. However, I just wash it daily (I use Lush products and the volcanic ash scrub from MAC), DO NOT TOUCH MY FACE AT ALL. I cannot stress the touching face aspect, your hands are oily and germ-ridden, so no touching! And moisturizer every night, EVERY. NIGHT.

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Anonymous said: $30 for a face scrub holy shit

That’s actually on the cheap side. I’ve seen washes that are up in the $80 dollar range. Lol.

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Anonymous said: Does your bf ever eat your ass? ;)

Ehh… No. He does “worship” it a lot, but I don’t let it get past that point. (I have issues with my ass being touched, leave me alone) However, I’m usually neck deep in his 99.99% of the time, so it’s not a bad situation.

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Anonymous said: I want to fuck you ;)

Ooh, really?

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Anonymous said: Morpheus, Venus, and Plutus

Morpheus: do you daydream often? Of what?

Kind of, and usually I think about being more cool or having money. Haha.


Plutus: do you have a job?

Yes. I work in a deli, inside a grocery chain called Safeway, in California. Glamorous, I know.

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Anonymous said: Aphrodite & Venus

Aphrodite: what do you think of yourself?

I think I’m a good guy, with good intentions… But at the same time, I think in just a raging asshole. Lol.

Venus: have you ever had your heart broken?

Of course! Multiple times! Who hasn’t?

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Anonymous said: i wanna get a tattoo on my thigh but i feel like im too big like too thick idk lol i've lost weight i feel much better my legs have some definition but i still dont know.

Do it anyways. I’m actually planning on tattooing my thighs in the next few weeks. Even if it’s something small or all-encompassing don’t worry about it, just do it. And I expect to see it when it’s done! (If you do it)

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